Take that First Difficult Step Toward Wellness

Functional Nutrition is not a one-size-fits all prescription for healing – it must be personalized to your unique needs.

You might be surprised to learn a successful health outcome is usually determined even before our first consultation ever happens.

Successful clients have decided that enough is enough, and are determined to do whatever it takes to get their lives back.

I offer a focused, 15 minute Health Audit ($90 value) over the phone where I take time to listen to your story and let you know if I think I can help you. Scheduling is as simple as clicking the “Schedule Now” button below or calling 480.442.5819.


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Below are three critical questions I ask you to make sure that the value you receive will exceed any costs of care.

  1. What are your unique health goals?

    Identify what you want as a result of care.  How much energy do you have throughout the day? When do you last remember feeling 100% healthy? Are you falling asleep with ease? Do you wake up frequently during the night? Are you comfortable seeking out natural therapies for health problems?
  2. What is Your Plan to Reach Your Health Goals?

    What other health treatments have you tried? What beliefs may be limiting you?
    Many of my patients have tried medications and have bounced around a number of specialists before seeing me. My job is to identify the common patterns and triggers of your health condition.
    Once you’ve identified your health goals, it is my job to help paint a story as to how you became unhealthy in the first place. Then, I will counsel you on any additional concerns I may have, and design a personalized plan that fits your unique health profile.
  3. Does Functional Nutrition Counseling Fit Your Personality?

    Functional nutrition takes considerable time and energy to bridge the gap between your current health status and your future health goals. Is your health worth it?

    Functional nutrition uses a personalized mix of evidence-based supplements, food plans, whole food approaches, mind-body techniques, and behavioral counseling to support your journey to living a life defined by chronic wellness, not disease.

    Personalized nutrition may take longer to realize results than you are accustomed. Unlike medications that have noticeable effects within minutes, nutrition works with the body over a period of time. Although some results can be experienced within days or a few weeks, most changes may develop over one, three, or even six months! 

    Chronic health conditions such as Diabetes, Obesity, Hypothyroidism, Autoimmune disorders, and Chronic Fatigue may take years to develop, we ask that you give us at least three months to coax your body back to health.

What a Typical Practice Member Looks Like…

  • They are committed to making themselves and their families healthier.
  • With the proper advice, they are willing to invest time, energy and money to make chronic wellness a reality.
  • They agree to do the work necessary to produce health and are open to new ways of thinking about health and illness.
  • They know that health requires personal responsibility for their health goals to become reality.
  • They are not looking for a “quick-fix” and understand that functional nutrition is not a panacea or “magic bullet”.


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There is never an obligation to become a client, so you have everything to gain by setting up a short phone conversation with Dr. Rinehart to discuss your health needs. It might just be the place you’ve been looking for.

 Health coaching is available for patients outside of Arizona. Please call or e-mail with details, or schedule a free 15-minute Health Audit ($90 value) to discuss your unique case.