Functional Nutrition

My personalized consultations are designed to “check under the hood” for hidden health problems before they become chronic health problems.

If you are experiencing low energy, sleep problems, recent weight change, excess gas and bloating, as well as subtle changes in libido or sexual performance – these are often early signs of deeper imbalances.

With the right early analysis, you can spend your effort in promoting chronic wellness instead of treating existing disease.

Clinical Goals of Care:

  1. Minimize progression of current symptoms and disease
  2. Emphasize diet, exercise, and lifestyle as keys to health
  3. See health as a continuum, not “black or white” disease states.
  4. Promote Healthy Aging throughout your life.

Underlying Philosophy

Beneath every chronic disease is a unique pattern of clinical imbalances that functional nutritionists like me look to address.  You are not your illness – you are just in a temporary state of dysfunction that can be rerouted. Here are the principles behind Dr. Rinehart’s work at AZ Nutrition Center:

  • Biochemical individuality: describes the importance of individual variations in function that derive from genetic and environmental influence.
  • Person-centered: emphasizes “patient care” rather than “disease care.” Goal is not to “diagnose” and “treat” but to measure and improve body functions over time using natural approaches.
  • Dynamic balance of internal and external factors on the body. When this balance is off, a disease may result.
  • Web-like interconnections of physiological factors –  Our digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system and more are all connected. I recognize patterns of dysfunction and find natural ways to tug on the web of physiology in a positive way.
  • Health as a positive vitality – Health is something that you actively promote. It is not just the absence of disease or symptoms (often masked with drugs). Having vitality means having positive strength, energy, and zest for life.
  • Promotion of organ reserve – Small and sometimes hidden stresses can affect the long-term health of the body. A healthy diet, mind and lifestyle minimize these small stresses over time – decreasing your risk of later disease.

“It’s now been sev­eral months since that first appoint­ment and I can truly say that I con­sis­tently feel bet­ter then I ever have before. The arthri­tis in my fin­gers has almost dis­ap­peared.  I wish I had taken a pic­ture because it has been such a dra­matic change.  I also lost about 8 lbs. with­out try­ing, that was a very unex­pected but great outcome.

I can’t begin to thank Dr. Rine­hart enough for giv­ing me a life that I didn’t have before.  I can hon­estly say that I’m look­ing for­ward to the years ahead, since I con­tinue to feel bet­ter month after month as my arthri­tis improves and my “fog” has been lifted.”

~K.J. Millburn, NJ

AZ functional nutritionist
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