Dr. Alex was able to help me quickly.  After a month of following Dr. Alex’s plan to eat a better diet and using the natural supplements, I was feeling so much better mentally and physically.  Stomach problems that I had over 20 years had seemed to disappear.  It is nothing short of amazing the results I received.  My mind and body felt like a well-oiled machine once I got a few months in.  I also lost 20 pounds following Dr. Alex’s plan and never felt like I was on a diet.

~J.B., Buckeye, AZ

“It’s now been sev­eral months since that first appoint­ment and I can truly say that I con­sis­tently feel bet­ter then I ever have before. The arthri­tis in my fin­gers has almost dis­ap­peared.  I wish I had taken a pic­ture because it has been such a dra­matic change.  I also lost about 8 lbs. with­out try­ing, that was a very unex­pected but great outcome.

I can’t begin to thank Dr. Rine­hart enough for giv­ing me a life that I didn’t have before.  I can hon­estly say that I’m look­ing for­ward to the years ahead, since I con­tinue to feel bet­ter month after month as my arthri­tis improves and my “fog” has been lifted.”

~K.J., Millburn, NJ


“In just a few visits, Dr. Alex has provided me with several excellent  suggestions.    He listened to my concerns with a high degree of understanding and compassion.   I had been suffering from stress related fatigue, lack of energy and skin issues.    After following his protocol for 2 months I am seeing great improvement in these areas.  I am back to my regular exercise program and able to  spend all the time I want playing with my grandson!”

~M.N., Parsippany, NJ


“Dr. Alex, if there ever was someone that is unbelievably THOROUGH in understanding a person’s habits, diet, processes… it’s you!! I found it so refreshing to find such a brilliant young man who is SO committed to helping others with their nutritional needs and supplements!! I highly recommend you to EVERY ONE of my friends”

~J. F., Las Vegas, NV


“It seems that everywhere I turn now, people are developing problems with food, allergens — and don’t even get me started on the stress. But I have discovered in 4 short months that holistic methods are the way to manage these problems best, because rather than focusing on a specific symptom or problem, I am healing my system at large. And guess what? Anyone can do this.

What magnificent freedom I have found thanks to Dr. Alex Rinehart, who has been my teammate all the way.”

~J. I., New York, NY


“Dr. Alex takes a holistic approach to total health & presents it with a warm & educational demeanor. His suggestions have been 100% on target & my energy level has soared (which was my goal).”

~L. B., Maplewood, NJ


“Dr. Rinehart’s con­sul­ta­tion and advice pro­vided every­thing I had hoped the other two doc­tors would have but didn’t. After the ini­tial phone inter­view and the fill­ing out of his com­pre­hen­sive forms, the very first equally com­pre­hen­sive ses­sion with him pro­vided sound and accu­rate advice for how to build myself up again so as to avoid any repeat shin­gle relapse devel­op­ments in the future.”

~A.F.,  Caldwell, NJ


“Dr. Rinehart has provided nothing but the best information available and top-notch support to me as a patient. His role in guiding my journey is one that simply cannot be measured through words alone. Through Dr. Rinehart I was able to see how big of a role stress induced emotion played in my life, and how many of the ailments I felt were physical, were actually caused by the stress of the situation. Because of Dr. Rinehart, a cloud of stress in my life has now been eliminated, and I can see the future of the horizon that is to come”

Thank you Alex for the information you have given me.”

~M.S., Basking Ridge, NJ


“I have been going through life thinking I was a reasonably healthy person although as I have gotten a bit older I have had various aches and pains including some kind of headache every day.  Then I came to Dr. Rinehart.  After following Dr. Rinehart’s program for me I am happy to say I feel like a new changed person.  The headaches are gone and I have a much stronger sensation of feeling healthy.  He creates a program both through diet and supplements for each individual which has given me a whole new outlook on life.  I will be forever grateful.”

~L.I., Bloomfield, NJ


I had a vacation back home in UK so didn’t start my Paleo Challenge until 8 days ago. It’s going great and I have found it quite easy to manage without ‘cheats’.  Also lost 5lb in first week as bonus to sleeping better and having more energy and a more positive outlook!
Have also cut right down on the Rx NSAIDS for my arthritis problem and feel like I could start tackling an easy yoga class now.  I haven’t felt so well and optimistic for a long time!
~T.M., Millburn, NJ

 As each case presents with its unique circumstances, I cannot expect to achieve similar results with every client that I see. I stand on the shoulders of giants who are out there conducting the clinical research, presenting new theories and ultimately pushing the real innovation in healthcare.

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