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Hi, my name is Alexander Rinehart, MS, DC, CNS and I’m a Certified Nutrition SpecialistSM professional, & formerly trained as a Chiropractor. I operate the AZ Nutrition Center, LLC in Scottsdale, AZ.

Although Chiropractic is a rewarding career, I am most passionate about the nutrition aspects of my education.

The art of Chiropractic and Functional Nutrition share very similar philosophies. Chiropractic practice is centered on removing interference from the body’s inborn ability to express health.

Whether I remove that interference through a Chiropractic adjustment, or through a carefully chosen supplement or dietary recommendation, as long as improved health is the outcome – both lead to the same place.

So I chose nutrition and opened a practice in greater Phoenix, specifically Scottsdale, Arizona.

How am I Qualified to Help You with Your Health Goals?

Clinical Nutritionists and Certified Nutrition SpecialistSM practitioners like myself see health on a spectrum of function, not black and white states of health & disease. I proudly share a CNS with high-level educators like Dr. Jeffrey Bland, PhD, CNS- who is the founding father of functional medicine.

Your pattern of “function” over time determines the probability of health or disease occurring later in life.

A functional approach is a proactive approach that you can implement today. We can all function a little better – I can help you fine-tune or at least figure out where to start.

I will analyze your existing lab results correctly and design a plan of action that will help support your internal health- so you can go out and live your external life as you see fit.

“Dr. Rinehart has provided nothing but the best information available and top-notch support to me as a patient. His role in guiding my journey is one that simply cannot be measured through words alone. Through Dr. Rinehart I was able to see how big of a role stress induced emotion played in my life, and how many of the ailments I felt were physical, were actually caused by the stress of the situation. Because of Dr. Rinehart, a cloud of stress in my life has now been eliminated, and I can see the future of the horizon that is to come”

Thank you Alex for the information you have given me.”

~M.S., Basking Ridge, NJ

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You can link most chronic diseases to a few common patterns – things like stress, gut function, inflammation, oxidative stress, and hormone imbalances.

And, what makes me unique is that I can analyze your existing lab tests and take cues from your body’s saliva, blood, urine, stool, and genetics to let me know exactly how inflamed you are, how much stress your body is under, how imbalanced your hormones really are, and, most importantly, take the guesswork out of how to feel & function better for once and for all.

  • I know the worst feeling in the world is when you honestly try on your own, and still seem to fall short of your goals.
  • I understand how deflating it can be when you wait weeks to see a medical specialist – only to find out they really specialize in a few targeted procedures – not necessarily a personalized plan of action.
  • Sometimes, you’re also afraid of having to remove everything out of your life at once – I tend to take the opposite approach  – and add healthy things to crowd out the bad stuff naturally.

Your health is a reflection of how well you treat your body.

When you feed the body junk, it works like junk. When you feed it pure materials, it knows what to do just fine on its own!

Here’s what to expect if you decide to work with me:

  • I start by spending 15 minutes on the phone with you prior to scheduling to perform a free 15-minute Health Audit to see if my services are right for you and answer your initial questions.
  • You will then fill out my intake forms, and mail or fax them (480-546-3792) prior to your visit (let me know if you would like forms mailed to you);
  • I set aside a full hour to meet with you during our first consultation to review your case fully before proceeding with your custom Personalized Action Plan.
  • Also, all of my patients receive an easy to follow 30-Day QuickStart Paleo Guide complete with exact shopping lists with numbered ingredients that correspond to specific recipes.
  • I also offer you some availability via email between formal appointments to have your immediate nutrition questions and concerns answered.

My goal is to connect the dots behind your health problem, recognize hidden patterns, and develop a personalized plan for you to correct those patterns and set you on a path to wellness.

You can schedule your free 15-minute Health Audit by clicking the “Schedule Now” button below.

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Here’s How AZ Nutritionist Dr. Alex Rinehart, MS, DC, CNS May Help You:

  • Understand your illness from a wellness perspective.
  • Identify the root problems behind the symptoms you are experiencing.
  • Connect the dots for you so you can see how diverse symptoms & disorders can be related to one another.
  • Coax your body back into a direction toward health.
  • Teach you how to maintain those changes for years to come!

Clinical Nutrition Advice Includes:

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  • Rebuilding Microbiome Diversity – A loss of diversity is the root cause of gut and immune problems
  • Whole Food Recommendations and Elimination Diets
  • Science-Based Nutraceuticals & Medical Foods (Supplements)
  • Nutrigenetic Analysis (Skilled in 23andMe.com and Livewello.com)
  • Individually-Tailored Behavioral Counseling
  • Recovery from Fatigue, Sleep Imbalances, and Mood Imbalance.

Here’s What We Know about Wellness:

  • We live in an increasingly toxic & stressful environment.
  • It’s becoming more and more difficult to successfully navigate our food system.
  • You are what your grandmother ate! Not only does diet and lifestyle wash over our genes, those changes in our genes can be passed on to our youth.
  • The health of your gut has a LOT to do with the health of your entire body.
  • You’re eating for two – you and the microbes in your gut! They are involved in your metabolism, immune health, mood, and more.  Keep them happy and you’ll stay happy too.
  • When you take responsibility for your health, you are making an investment in your future family & serving as a healthy role model for those closest to you!

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