Achieve Your Health Goals In as Little as 3 Months Without the Use of Drugs or Surgery

AZ NutritionistDr. Rinehart’s 3R’s for Lasting Wellness

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1. Reduce Inflammation
2. Restore Adrenal Health
3. Rebuild Gut Health

Lasting wellness begins with addressing inflammation, stress and gut health first, only then is it worth more targeted strategies.

 If the 3R’s are not addressed, even the best-intentioned plan can still miss the mark.

I  work with you to identify what healthy foods & natural supplements you should take to support your unique needs, starting with the 3R’s and getting more targeted from there.

How I Can Help You:

  • Low energy?
  • Chronic gas and bloating?
  • phoenix nutritionistStressed and feel like you can’t “turn off” at night?
  • Sick of 7-minute long doctor appointments?
  • Need a Quarterback to Sort Through All of the Pieces?

I unravel the complexity so you don’t have to: I’ll take your results and help you create simple, realistic strategies you can use in your life right away. I can re-analyze existing lab results and tie up loose ends in your current plan.

I provide resources for further education: Upon working with me, you will receive a Personal Action Plan as well as a free 30-day Quick Start guide ($34 value) to healthy Paleo-style eating, complete with recipe plans, shopping lists, resources and easy-to-follow instructions.

You can leverage my network: Because I work in the nutrition education community, I am connected to some of the best educators and physicians in the country who can provide further insight and direction for your health needs

Click Below To Schedule Your Complimentary 15-Minute Health Audit ($90 value). Let me personally address your concerns and make sure we are a good fit for one another.
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“It seems that everywhere I turn now, people are developing problems with food, allergens — and don’t even get me started on the stress. But I have discovered in 4 short months that holistic methods are the way to manage these problems best, because rather than focusing on a specific symptom or problem, I am healing my system at large. And guess what? Anyone can do this.

What magnificent freedom I have found thanks to Dr. Alex Rinehart, who has been my teammate all the way.”

~J. I., New York, NY

What is My Professional Training?

I trained as a Chiropractor but also obtained a Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition. Upon graduation, I also became a board-Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)

I share the CNS designation with medical doctors, acupuncturists, and PhD researchers alike who have demonstrated advanced training and expertise in the field of clinical nutrition. I pursued a Chiropractic education with an added Master’s training in Clinical Nutrition so that I could be a better holistic doctor. I never intended to practice mainstream Chiropractic with a focus on “just” back and neck pain. I have always believed that I was meant for something much more. I attended chiropractic school because this natural philosophy and practice fit a healthcare model I believe in.

I choose to no longer maintain my chiropractic license as my CNS certification certifies me as an expert and fully covers the way I wish to practice nutrition. I share the CNS designation with high-level educators like Dr. Jeffrey Bland – who is the founding father of functional medicine.

Certified Nutrition SpecialistSM (CNS) vs. Registered Dietitian (RD)

  • CNS’s typically hold master’s degree level training or higher (DC, DO, MD, PhD, R. Ph.) and are required to have up to 1000 hours of supervised nutrition and/or 56 hours of post-graduate education prior to certification, while RD’s are required to complete an approved bachelor’s degree program and supervised practice program.
  • The majority of CNS board exam questions (90%) are Nutrition Science related compared to only 40% of RD board exam questions
  • CNS’s tend to work in one-on-one clinical practice environments while the majority of RD’s work in institutional food service and management settings.
  • CNS’s recognize the positive and negative effects of different foods, while RD’s have a policy that “there is no bad food”, or “everything in moderation”

Arizona Certified Nutrition Specialist

Let Me Be Your Arizona Nutrition Expert:

Click Below To Schedule Your Complimentary 15-Minute Health Audit ($90 value). Let me personally address your concerns and make sure we are a good fit for one another.

scottsdale Arizona nutritionist

“In just a few visits, Dr. Alex has provided me with several excellent  suggestions.    He listened to my concerns with a high degree of understanding and compassion.   I had been suffering from stress related fatigue, lack of energy and skin issues.    After following his protocol for 2 months I am seeing great improvement in these areas.  I am back to my regular exercise program and able to  spend all the time I want playing with my grandson!”
~M.N., Parsippany, NJ

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