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by Dr. Alex Rinehart, DC, MS, CNS on October 19, 2021

Facebook Car Giveaway You cannot win a new Audi, Mercedes, Range Rover, Camaro, or other car by liking a Facebook page or post and sharing it with friends. SCAM ALERT Aldi 75th Anniversary Facebook Giveaway If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Bethania Palma Published 24 March 2021 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on … Origins A common Facebook scam that entices users. to like, share, and promote a Facebook page through staging what appears to be a massive giveaway targeted PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users … The aim of schemes such as the celebrity giveaway hoaxes are typically to rapidly build a large Facebook following in order to sell pages with high like counts to third parties. 717,192 likes 17,776 talking about this. The internet s definitive fact-checking resource. Shopping, Fashion, and Collecting Keep tabs on how things are going Review your measurement tools. You have to know whether all your team s efforts are working. Keep an eye on your analytics to see whether you re achieving your goals. Report any findings. Keep records and set up regular reports weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Compare numbers and note trends. Make recommendations to improve your content strategy. A content strategy isn t a static document. It s requires updating and reworking. The backlash was to be expected. But what we didn t expect was the elegant and absolutely sublime way the company responded. It didn t fold. It didn t back down. Instead, it released another video. This simple, yet powerful response is one of the best pieces of marketing we have ever seen. Watch it right now https watch?v cBC-pRFt9OM . We ll wait. In 2003, about a year into his BASE training, Potter and a few friends were given the opportunity to BASE jump into Mexico s Cellar of Swallows, a gargantuan open-air pit 1,200 feet deep, and actually misnamed. While some 50,000 birds do make their home in this cave, they are swifts, not swallows. Either way, the cellar is deep enough to house a skyscraper. Wide too. With a diameter running between 170 and 300 feet in length, the cavern provides plenty of room to steer a parachute. DEAN POTTER

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