Life Stress Health Quiz

Adrenal fatigue and stress are the elephant in the room when it comes to chronic disease.

Everyone acknowledges that stress if a factor of chronic illness, but most also skip over offering you practical steps to overcome it.

You’ll notice in the questions below that positive events such as a marriage or adding a new member to your family can still be stressful to your body. Sometimes it’s not the amount of stress, it’s how skilled you are at coping with it.

Although I am not a psychologist, I am skilled at helping you identify goals and using the best that clinical nutrition has to offer to support stress balance without the use of drugs.

I can also run an adrenal function salivary test to see how your stress hormones fluctuate throughout the day.

Please set up a complimentary 15-minute consultation to learn how my functional nutrition approach may be able to help you finally find some stress relief and gain the momentum to tackle larger health goals!

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Adapted from the Institute of Functional Medicine.