giveaway ideas for conferences

by Dr. Alex Rinehart, DC, MS, CNS on October 19, 2021

The Moleskine Volant Journal is a great HR conference gift idea to send attendees off with something they are likely to use regularly. In fact, the Moleskine Volant Journal can be used right away because they can start taking notes during the panels. Likewise, employees and teammates will love these handy-dandy ivory paper journals. Pop sockets are quickly becoming a popular giveaway item to give out during conferences and seminars and with good reason! People can easily stick them to the back of their smartphones or tablets and use them as a stand or grip. If you ve ever gone to a conference, you re surely familiar with swag. You know that free, branded stuff that they hand out to attendees. Swag may be free for attendees, but it s no small industry. The promotional product industry is estimated to be a $23 billion industry. Canvas totes are really useful, and they still make for a great corporate event gift even after decades of being a standard giveaway at many conferences around the world. FRESH AIR Knows Its Audience You see, when you have nothing except 120 pages of text, charts, and graphs, that shows organizational skills, not execution. Angels to private equity never invest in business plans- they invest in people with track records of execution . That is your best business plan! So if you really want to get funding for your business, get out and make your idea tangible. Give investors something they can see, touch, and feel. Give investors a glimpse of your execution, because that is what creates speed on the Fastlane. Don t get overwhelmed thinking about all the different kinds of content you have to create. The important thing to remember is that you don t have to use every content platform available. Instead, master one or two platforms and see where that takes you. A Slowlaner can use the Law of Effection to escape Slowlane confinement. Pro athletes, actors, and entertainers-intrinsic value explosions happen because of the Effection Society suddenly perceives your value to be meteoric. Yes, these people are still trading their time for money, but in an unprecedented stratum of value. BEN JERRY S Sharing the Love

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